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Sony PlayStation 5 will officially enter your gaming peripheral in late 2020

I just shot some webbing.

playstation logo and playstation 5 confirmation
Image: Sony

According to a release on the Japanese version of the Sony PlayStation blog (and now on the US PlayStation Blog, as well), the next iteration of Sony’s PlayStation gaming system will be the PlayStation 5. Not a wholly creative name, but it is the fifth version of the system, so it makes sense.

The system will be released in the year-end sales season of 2020, or just in time for Christmas. It appears that most of the changes to the system focus on innovations related to the controller. There Wired got the exclusive scoop this morning, explaining the haptics-packed controller and the new PlayStation UI. There was also some clarification and confirmation from an April report regarding ray-tracing and internal SSDs.

There are a lot of changes coming to the classic PlayStation controller, including adaptive triggers, enhanced sound, and programmable trigger resistance

The controller will be a bit heavier than previous controllers, but that makes sense. It’ll also charge through USB Type-C. The controller news seems to be the gist of the PlayStation release news, little was revealed about the console itself besides streamlining the user interface.

Meanwhile over in Xbox land, we haven’t really gleaned much more information about Project Scarlett. It won’t be a dedicated streaming console, which is good. All we know that like the PlayStation 5, it will be releasedat some point in late 2020, likely just in time for the holiday sales rush.

All we can say at this point, taking into consideration our current political landscape, next November is going to be fucking LIT.

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