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Sony is releasing a custom “Amazing Red” PS4 Pro for the new Spider-Man game, naturally

I’m slinging some web in my pants right now.

Because the entire gaming world is excited for the new Spider-Man game on PS4, Sony is making sure to dangle an “Amazing Red” PS4 Pro to celebrate the upcoming release of the game.

Did anyone ask this for this custom-edition PlayStation 4? No, probably not, but it’s assumed that die-hard comic book fans and gamers will be rushing to gobble this up, which most can preorder right now either from Amazon, GameStop or BestBuy.

Obviously, it has a giant Spider-Man logo plastered on the top of the console and it’s painted in what the box calls “Amazing Red,” which is pretty badass. Included with the custom-edition bundle is a copy of the game and some vouchers for DLC’s, which is always appreciated.

ps4 pro spider man

Image: Sony

Obviously, the included controller matches the console’s “Amazing Red” color scheme. However, the buttons are white, and honestly, with the amount of Doritos I eat while playing, I don’t know how I feel about that, but hey, it looks cool, and that’s really I can say about that.

If you’re looking to cop one, preorders for the limited edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle start right now for $399. The new Marvel Spider-Man game launches on September 7th, and you can preorder the game right now, here. However, if you already dropped a wad of cash on a new PlayStation 4, you can always outfit your console with a cheap skin from Amazon.

Do you plan on scooping one of these up? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know what you’re thinking down below in the comments! 

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