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Spotify could be entering the NFT world

The company is looking for employees to work on projects related to Web3.

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Over the last couple of years, NFTs have been a huge buzz in the tech world. Now, major tech platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, are starting to get on board and Spotify looks to be the latest one.

A couple of new job listings from Spotify (h/t Financial Times) suggest that it could potentially breach the NFT world soon. Both listings show that the company is looking for people to work on projects related to “Web3.”

Web3 is a tech buzzword that envisions a sort of decentralized internet that hopes to wrestle some control away from “big tech” companies that control so much of the internet’s data.

One of the recent Spotify job listings is for a Senior Backend Engineer. The listing describes a role on a “small and full-stack team responsible for driving growth through new technologies, like Web3.”

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The other listing is for a Senior Manager of the Innovation and Market Intelligence group within the company.

This Senior Manager needs “expert familiarity with emerging trends, technologies, platforms and ecosystems, especially as it relates to the content, creator, media, web3, and emerging technology industries.”

Spotify adding NFTs to its platform would be a really interesting shift. The technology could be an entirely new way for artists to make money from their music.

At the same time, it could give users new ways to experience and enjoy music through the platform.

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Of course, it’s too early to tell exactly what Spotify has planned in the NFT space. All we know is that the company is hiring a couple of new employees with a focus on Web3 development.

We’ll have to wait and see if Spotify takes the dive into NFTs in the near future.

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