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Spotify is removing Car View with no immediate plans for a replacement

Some users still see it in their app, but Spotify has confirmed the feature is being removed.

spotify car view
Image: KnowTechie

If you use Spotify for your in-car listening while on your way to work, you might have noticed that your UI no longer changes when you connect to your car’s Bluetooth connection. That’s because Spotify has shuttered Car View, leaving its many users without a good alternative.

Android Police noticed a thread in Spotify’s user forum, where users were complaining that the Car View option had disappeared from their devices. That wasn’t a bug, however, as a Spotify moderator turned up to say that the Car View option was being removed on purpose, while “actively exploring a variety of new ways to deliver the best in-car listening experience.

If you’ve been relying on the simplified Car View while listening in your car, it’s time to figure out another way. The integration with either Google Assistant or Siri works well, giving you hands-free control over Spotify while driving.

You should be using hands-free while driving anyway, so maybe removing Car View is going to be a better safety feature than having it in the first place.

spotify car thing
Image: Spotify

If you miss Car View, you can sign up to buy the $79.99 Car Thing, the company’s upcoming hardware that’s probably the safest way to use Spotify in your car.

The little gadget connects to your Spotify via your phone, shows what’s playing, what’s in your library, and what’s in voice search results, with a handy dial for easy navigation. Or, yanno, you could just use Google Assistant or Siri, as the company suggests.

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