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Spotify users are pissed that the app still doesn’t have HomePod support

It’s been more than a year since Apple opened the HomePod up to third-party music apps.

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Spotify has grown and developed itself into one of the biggest music streaming apps on the planet. But some of its customers are not too happy with the streaming giant. Despite its size and success, the app still refuses to add Apple HomePod support.

Last year, Apple added third-party music support to its HomePod devices. The device has support for Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and others, but it is still missing support for Spotify to this day.

Thanks to a report from MacRumors, we can see that Spotify customers have been requesting that the platform integrate with Apple’s HomePod devices.

“Amazing that this isn’t implemented yet. Please don’t alienate your iOS subscribers. I really don’t want us to switch to Apple Music, but unfortunately we will have to if this doesn’t get the attention it deserves,” says one user on the Spotify Community Forums.

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While Spotify hasn’t said anything about full HomePod support, the platform did announce that it would add Airplay support to its iOS app, which would allow users to play their Spotify content through the HomePod. But even that integration has been delayed.

And that’s not even full HomePod support. With full HomePod support, users can play music directly from the HomePod, without having to open the app. Airplay works similar to Bluetooth, in that you’ll have to open the app and choose the speaker if you want to play Spotify through it.

Since Spotify was not included in the original announcement for third-party HomePod support, users have taken to the Community Forums to express their concerns. Several users have expressed their disappointment and some are even moving to other services.

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“I have just activated a 3 Months Apple Music Account for Free. So Spotify has @max 3 Months left before I will review this,” reads one user’s comments. It looks like Spotify needs to make some changes to keep its HomePod customers happy.

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