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Your HomePod is worth more than MSRP for some reason

Nothing makes sense anymore.

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Apple discontinued the original HomePod a year ago, which saddened many. Now, those people are turning to eBay, as sales show that people are paying way over the MSRP of $299 to buy one.

First noticed by 9to5Mac‘s editor-in-chief Chance Miller, the OG HomePod is trending on eBay with some crazy pricing. Sealed units are going for anywhere north of $500 on average. Even used units with no box are still selling for over $200.

That makes the average price of an OG HomePod $375 over the last week, according to The Verge. That’s a 25-percent premium over the MSRP Apple set all those years ago. Not a bad return on your investment, if you’d kept one in its wrapping.

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I sold one in used condition just before the pandemic started and was happy to get just under the MSRP. Then again, it was taking up lots of space and the cash was appreciated.

Some of the listings even mention that they got Apple to replace their old HomePod with brand new, in-box units. That means the one you’ll be buying on eBay could be brand new, but you’re going to have to pay through the nose for one.

The real question is why? Sure, the Apple HomePod does pump out quality audio thanks to its over-engineered array of speakers. Maybe it’s because the HomePod mini isn’t quite room-filling enough.

Who knows, but the pricing is only going to get wilder. It’s not the first time a discontinued Apple product commanded more than its MSRP. That honor is reserved for the 2001 iPod, which sold for $20K.

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