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Amazon’s new Alexa update allows music to follow you throughout your home

“Alexa, move my music to the kitchen” is finally an option.

new amazon echo speaker with alexa
Image: Amazon

Alexa’s October update comes with a new feature that people have been wanting for a while. People with multiple Echo devices can finally have their music follow them around, jumping from device to device.

Announced in a blog post on Amazon’s website earlier this week, this new feature has been a long time coming. The company has added a few different commands to Alexa’s AI that make moving your music to a new device a breeze.

First off, imagine your sitting outside on the patio with your favorite Van the Man song playing in the background. You’ve got to get up and go start dinner, but you don’t want to miss out on the music. Now, just say “Alexa, move my music to the kitchen,” and your music will pick up on the new Echo device.

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Another way of having your music follow you around the house is by pausing in one room and playing again in another. Just say “Alexa, pause” to the device that’s currently playing. When you want to start again on a new Echo device, say “Alexa, resume music here” to the desired device.

You can also take the music that you’re listening to at home with you when you leave. When you connect a pair of Echo Buds to your phone, you can say “Alexa, play my music here,” and your music will move from the current Echo device to your Echo Buds.

This month’s update also includes new Alexa commands for Netflix, TikTok, and more, but the real winner this month is the new music updates. This is a super convenient feature that takes the Alexa ecosystem to the next level, and it’s about time that Amazon brought this capability to its digital personal assistant.

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