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Spotify really wants you to listen to more podcasts with the new Your Daily Podcasts feature

If you love podcasts, this is definitely for you.

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One of Spotify’s key features is its Discover Weekly playlists. It is a great way to, well, discover new music similar to what you normally listen to. If you listen to a lot of 90s era hip-hop, chances are your Discover Weekly next week will give you recommendations to classics and/or hidden gems from that era.

Spotify also has a massive collection of podcasts to go along with its music library and now, they want to give users a chance to go through it.

Spotify announced that it is releasing a similar feature called Your Daily Podcasts. The streaming service is using a similar algorithm to now recommend podcasts based on your listening habits.

“If you’ve listened to at least four podcasts in the past 90 days, you’ll find the playlist in the “Your Top Podcasts” shelf on Home or in the “Made For You” hub on browse,” notes the blog post.

Spotify is now recommending podcasts with new Your Daily Podcasts feature

The new feature is not just creating playlists with discovered podcasts, but also giving listeners a chance to catch up on older episodes. For example, if you are listening to new episodes of WTF with Marc Maron, Your Daily Podcasts will show the earlier episodes as far back when Spotify started streaming it.

If you listen to story-driven podcasts, other shows in that format will appear on Your Daily Podcasts. However, Spotify will put the pilot episode, as opposed to new ones in order to be “spoiler-free.”

Your Daily Podcasts recommendations are now available for both Free and Premium subscribers in the US.

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