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Start your security transformation with global data protection Leader Veeam

Veeam is also recognized overall as a global leader in backup and recovery for the fourth year in a row.

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According to the 2020 IDG Cloud Computing Survey, 92 percent of organizations are ‘somewhat’ on the cloud. In the same survey, 59 percent said they planned to be “mostly” (43 percent) or “all” (16 percent) in the cloud in 18 months. That statistic is up from 38 percent who say they are mostly or all in the cloud today.[i] With so much planned growth and movement toward greater percentages of cloud computing adoption, is your team considering every option and all aspects of a new data protection strategy? [ii]

Does your team even know what they should be looking for in a modern data protection strategy for your multi-cloud environments? Whichever case, Veeam provides direction into what capabilities to look for and offers questions that IT decision-makers should ask themselves and their team to evaluate their company’s specific data needs, including things like comprehensive protection, automation, and data security. 

In addition to increasing cloud adoption, all businesses must also choose to level up their data security. Each needs a unique and modern data protection solution no matter their size, previous data management regime, or initial understanding of the intricacies of their environments that prioritizes security. Veeam will guide you safely and thoroughly through every step of your data protection journey.  

The US-owned data protection giant, Veeam, is the world’s leader in modern data protection solutions, with over 400k organizations worldwide already entrusting Veeam with their data sets.  Take a little closer look at Veeam’s modern data protection platform, used worldwide by a host of enterprise organizations, including more than 80% of the F500, varied levels of government in multiple countries, and educational establishments globally.  Here is just a taste of how easy implementing or building on your new modern data protection strategy can be with Veeam.

What are Veeam’s Modern Data Protection Capabilities?

Veeam is a US-owned information technology company that has transformed how data is stored, managed, backed up, and replicated for the modern business of any shape and every size. Veeam technology also assists with disaster recovery in the unexpected event of a company’s attack from hackers, ransomware, or cyber-attack, among other unfortunate ways businesses can lose massive data sets in the blink of an eye. Veeam provides the backup, monitoring, automation, and recovery tools that will enable clients to avoid data loss and recover quickly.  Customers can rest easy that their data is backed up and recoverable with Veeam’s single platform for cloud, virtual, SaaS, Kubernetes, and physical environments.

Veeam was founded in Columbus, Ohio, and currently headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. Veeam also promotes several US-based corporate offices in major US cities including Alpharetta, Georgia, and Washington DC as well as many global locations.

Why data protection is important

Companies must store more data than ever before, and failure to protect sensitive data such as customer information could have profound financial or legal implications. It has many costly impacts including downtime, data loss and it may also damage your company’s reputation. Therefore, data such as employee records, customer information and transactions, loyalty schemes, and data collection should receive top-notch management so that it’s stored, backed up, and protected from cyber-attack.

How can Veeam help your business?

Veeam’s single platform for cloud, virtual, SaaS, Kubernetes, and physical environments can help safeguard customer’s valuable data, providing confidence and peace of mind.

More and more business owners are migrating to modern data protection, which has led to the growth in popularity of US-owned Veeam products. The company can keep business’ data-accessible and protected while remaining data-driven. The software is unique, innovative and in its products, the company moves forward, delivering simple, flexible, reliable, and powerful data protection options.

Veeam can help you protect your customer’s digital life across any cloud platform. Your business will deliver user confidence by ensuring your customers can log in to their accounts and store and update their details whenever they want to.

Veeam’s single platform also allows your business to recover any data or app across any cloud instantly.  This includes cloud-native backups on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform public clouds as well as Kubernetes workloads. In addition, Veeam has created strong alliance partnerships and utilizes seamless technology, making the company one of the leading cloud providers. With more than 35,000 transacting partners, your company will be ready to meet data demands every time.

Veeam’s Modern Data Protection Delivers the Right Fit for Any Business

Whatever your business, Veeam can help you solve your data protection issues. Whether it is searching for a modern backup option on-premises or in the cloud, robust ransomware protection, or executing a disaster recovery plan, the Veeam Platform can fit all scenarios.

Veeam’s modern data protection platform is fit to serve businesses of all sizes with a powerful, scalable architecture capable of operating across all environments, including VMware, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, to name a few.

With recent advances in technology, many businesses have opted to have a remote workforce to work effectively. As a result, it’s crucial that all employee workstations, laptops, and mobile devices can store and back up critical data. Companies can use Veeam to manage remote office and backup data, protecting against loss, cyber-attack, or other types of corruption or disaster.

Customer-first Focus

Veeam offers customers free or subscription services and prides itself on providing a quality solution that will meet your data management and protection needs.

Veeam technology and its services are available in over 160 countries worldwide and cater to more than 400,000 customers. And for four years is considered the top of its industry by the most respected researchers in the field. 

A Proven Leader in Backup and Recovery Solutions

Almost one year ago, Veeam was named a leader for the fourth time. Veeam was also positioned as the highest for the ability to execute in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions 2020 [iii]. The following statement is a direct quote from the 2020 report overviewing the key components judged when placing rank among the companies with the highest ability to execute in the time that they were monitored. Gartner’s 2021 report expects to drop this summer.

“Gartner analysts evaluate vendors on the quality and efficacy of the processes, systems, methods or procedures that enable IT provider performance to be competitive, efficient and effective and to positively impact revenue, retention, and reputation within Gartner’s view of the market

Gartner is speaking of the end customer experience when they speak of a company’s ability to execute. Veeam’s soaring placement shows that when it comes to the client, to the critical client-facing capabilities surrounding backup and recovery solutions, Veeam understands how to take their world-class solutions, package them, and deliver them to any size client. From enterprise to small business, Veeam knows customer experience and makes every step of your data management upgrade or implementation easier for you.

Veeam is also recognized overall as a global leader in backup and recovery for the fourth year in a row.

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