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Is your limited edition Steam Deck OLED cracking? You’re not alone

Apparently, the screws on the back are overly tight, causing too much stress on the plastic, making it crack.

A pair of hands holding a steam deck oled gaming handheld with a colorful spiral galaxy on its screen, against a vibrant purple background.
Image: KnowTechie

About only five months ago, Valve launched its updated handheld gaming console, the Limited Edition Steam Deck OLED.

While the upgrade didn’t make the original Steam Deck obsolete, the OLED model came with some noteworthy upgrades, namely a larger OLED screen with a higher refresh rate and better battery life, which somehow made it weigh less. 

Regardless, fans and critics were both happy, and there weren’t any major complaints about the device at the time. 

However, a major issue is rising and has already affected a couple of Limited Edition Steam Deck OLED users: cracking. 

The folks at Kotaku first spotted that a number of Reddit users have already started sharing their stories and images on the website.

byu/splarabar from discussion

The cracks on the Steam Deck OLED models look superficial

Image: Reddit

According to those users, the popular Valve gaming system has suddenly started developing cracks, and they are appearing on the back side of the console, right next to the screws. 

The Limited Edition Steam Deck OLED is the most expensive model from the company, with a price tag of $679 for 1TB. 

The Limited Edition model comes with all the perks of the standard Steam Deck OLED model in addition to a few tweaks like orange-colored parts and the translucent plastic back. 

While the translucent back on the Limited Edition Steam Deck OLED looks great, it might be part of the problem.

Kotaku’s report also discusses that the screws on the back might just be too tight, causing extraordinary stress on the material, causing the cracks. 

Hence, a temporary workaround was developed, recommending users to loosen the screws a bit to relieve the stress. 

Thankfully, none of the users have complained about a completely broken Steam Deck OLED back, and the cracks don’t seem too severe. 

However, we believe, it’s just a matter of time until someone complains about a completely broken back of a nearly $700 Steam Deck model.

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