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Stores are replacing cooler doors with digital screens for ads and people hate them

Customers prefer the classic, transparent doors so they can see what’s actually inside.

cooler screens
Image: Cooler Screens

A few popular stores, including Walgreens, have begun changing out clear refrigerator doors for new, high-tech screened doors. These new doors display what’s inside on a digital screen, similar to an iPad or other tablet, but many customers are not very happy about the new doors.

These new screens come from a company called Cooler Screens. The company has teamed up with Walgreens to implement its idea in many Walgreens locations.

And according to CNN, other stores including Kroger, CVS, and Chevron gas stations have begun testing out the screens.

Cooler Screens are a way to bring a new form of advertising and merchandising to brick and mortar stores. Cooler Screens hopes that its digital fridge doors will help advertisers reach more customers in these stores. But customers seem to be pretty annoyed by these new screens.

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One Twitter user writes, “@Walgreens NOBODY needs TV screen replacing doors in your cooler aisles…Stop.” While it sounds like a cool idea, I can understand why some customers aren’t super excited about Cooler Screens’ new fridge doors.

They add a layer of complexity to shopping that customers simply don’t want or need. When we’re shopping for something in coolers, it’s nice to be able to see exactly what’s inside.

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We don’t want to have to wait for an advertisement or head in to find something that shows on the screen, just to find out that it’s sold out after you open the door.

As consumers, many of us aren’t big fans of change. Especially when the change doesn’t seem to benefit us that much.

Chances are Walgreens and Cooler Screens will continue to implement these digital fridge doors, so it will be interesting to see how consumers feel about them as they become more popular.

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