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Streaming giants Prime Video and Netflix tied at 22% market share

Prime Video and Netflix are neck-and-neck in the streaming market share race, while Apple TV+ has seen a 1% increase in market share, and Disney+ has added Hulu content to its US app.

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Image; KnowTechie

It’s time for another round of “who’s winning the battle for your eyeballs?” JustWatch just dropped their Q2 2024 streaming market share report for the US, and boy, do we have some juicy details to unpack.

First up, the heavyweight bout: Prime Video vs. Netflix. These two streaming giants are practically nose-to-nose, both claiming a 22% market share.

But hold onto your remotes, folks, because there’s an underdog story brewing. Apple TV+ is flexing its muscles with a 1% increase in market share.

They’re now sitting pretty at 9%, just edging out Paramount+. Looks like all those Ted Lasso fans are finally paying off for Apple.

Speaking of underdogs, Disney+ is playing the long game. They’ve now added Hulu content to their US app, because apparently, we needed yet another reason to never leave our couches. This Mouse-powered merger could shake things up in the coming quarters.

JustWatch streaming charts for United States Q2 2024
Image; KnowTechie

Now, before you start questioning my math skills (or lack thereof), here’s the full breakdown of market shares:

  1. Prime Video: 22%
  2. Netflix: 22%
  3. Max: 14%
  4. Disney+: 11%
  5. Hulu: 10%
  6. Apple TV+: 9%
  7. Paramount+: 9%
  8. Other: 3%
Streaming service market share chart, January-June 2024.
Image: JustWatch

Now, here’s a little personal insight from yours truly: After being a loyal Netflix subscriber for nearly seven years, I finally cut the cord. Why? Well, between the constant price hikes and the sheer number of streaming services I was juggling, something had to give.

And I’m betting I’m not the only one making these tough choices. This might explain why we’re seeing Prime Video slowly but surely inching its way up the charts.

After all, when you’re already paying for free shipping and the occasional impulse buy, that included video service starts looking pretty appealing.

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What does all this mean for you, the average Joe or Jane just trying to figure out what to binge next (and how many subscriptions you can justify to your wallet)?

Well, it means the streaming wars are far from over.

These companies are fighting tooth and nail for your attention (and your subscription dollars), which could lead to more original content, better deals, and maybe – just maybe – a streaming service that actually remembers where you left off in that obscure docuseries you started three months ago.

So, what’s your take? Are you Team Prime Video or Team Netflix? Or are you one of those fancy Apple TV+ converts? Drop a comment below and let us know which streaming service is winning your heart (and your wallet) in 2024.

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