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Super Punch-Out!! 2-player mode discovered after 28 years

The 2-play mode is available on SNES, Nintendo Switch Online, and more.

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It has been almost 30 years since the Punch-out!! series made its way to the Super Nintendo in Super Punch-Out!!. By now, we’d imagine that all of the game’s secrets were discovered long ago. But that’s not quite the case.

A recent discovery from Twitter account new_cheats_news has revealed a two-player mode hidden deep within the code for 28 years.

The new_cheats_news account is dedicated to discovering previously unknown modes, menus, and features in classic games.

This is one of the account’s biggest discoveries. Interestingly, a simple button command unlocks two-player mode in Super Punch-Out!!, but it took 28 years to find.

On top of that, the 2-player mode can be accessed in the original version for SNES, on the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, and even within Switch Online.

How to access 2-player mode in Super Punch-Out!!

So how exactly do you access this newly discovered feature? As I said earlier, the process is pretty simple, but it was obscure enough to remain hidden for decades.

You have to start by plugging in a second controller to your Super Nintendo. Then, hold down the Y & R buttons on that controller while the first player presses Start on the initial menu.

This will bring up an entirely new menu where you can choose which of the game’s bosses you want to take on.

This time, hold B & Y on the second controller while choosing the character with A or Start on the first controller. And that will allow the second player to control the boss on the other side of the ring.

It wasn’t uncommon for game developers to add special menus or cheat modes like this one in Super Punch-Out!! to their games back in the Super Nintendo era.

However, it was certainly uncommon for those modes to remain hidden for nearly 30 decades before someone found them. This is a super cool find from new_cheats_news, and I look forward to the next discovery.

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