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  • Xbox series x with a green glow Xbox series x with a green glow

    The Xbox Series X must be a PC because Gabe Newell says it’s better than the PlayStation 5


  • Pc accessories deal knowtechie Pc accessories deal knowtechie

    The best computer gaming peripherals (2024)

    We can't promise that these peripherals will help you beat your opponents, that's down to you and lots of practice.

  • Five games to check out in july 2020 Five games to check out in july 2020

    5 new games you should probably be playing in July

    Avoid the heat with these five new releases.

  • Mechanical keyboard on table Mechanical keyboard on table

    Why are mechanical keyboards so expensive?

    When you start searching for a mechanical keyboard to replace your mushy membrane one, you might be left wondering why the...

  • Android phone on table Android phone on table

    Are Android emulators safe to run on your computer?

    Be as careful as you are with normal computer programs and you should be OK.

  • Desperados 3 screenshot Desperados 3 screenshot

    Review: Desperados III – a tactical strategy title set in the Wild West

    AKA: Quicksave Simulator

  • Motherboard with ram installed Motherboard with ram installed

    Will a computer boot without RAM?

    RAM plays an essential part in the boot process.

  • Motherboard cpu socket Motherboard cpu socket

    Will a computer boot without a CPU installed?

    The CPU is a pretty important piece of the puzzle.

  • Xbox one controller in hand Xbox one controller in hand

    What games can I crossplay between Xbox and PC?

    Thankfully, the list continues to grow.

  • Steam backlog Steam backlog

    What PC game should I play?

    If nothing else works, take the top 20 games in your library and roll a D20.

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