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Take your motorcycle road trip to the next level with high-tech gadgets and accessories

These gadgets and tools will make your next motorcycle road trip safer, faster, and simpler.


There are very few things in this world that feel as empowering as taking your trusted motorcycle on a road trip. The open road ahead of you, the sense of freedom you gain with every mile, the people you are going to meet at every stop… It seems like there is no way to make this adventure any more engaging.

Well, there is. We are, of course, talking about the high-tech gadgets that effectively remove the chance out of your journey and let you focus on the things that truly matter. Let us then take a look at some of the best gadgets you can take with you on your next road trip.

GPS navigator

GPS Navigator

This is the Alpha and Omega of all road trip equipment regardless of the vehicle. But, why spend money on this device when we already have smartphones, you might ask? Well, using GPS navigation spends a lot of juice. Even if you have a power bank or another type of mobile charger, there is no need to put your daily driver through this never-ending loop of recharge cycles, effectively killing the battery. The GPS navigators are affordable and reliable enough to save your phone from such troubles. 

Smart helmet

Motorbike helmet

Yeah, we are digging into the sci-fi territory here. So, what do these things actually do? Well, depending on the model, smart helmets can serve as incredibly secure headsets, implement collision alerts (courtesy of built-in sensors and cameras), offers voice controls, and even display certain feedback with subtle, but still clearly visible LED lights. Oh yeah, they are also doing one incredibly good job at saving your life in the case of collision. So, a definite recommendation.

Smart battery chargers

Battery charger

If you like to take your trip off-road, bringing quality replacement parts is essential. But, not every component requires bulky replacement. Take for instance the dual program smart chargers that are often sold with other essential dirt bike parts – as long as you have a power source nearby, you won’t need to worry that the vehicle will give up on you when you least expect it. On the contrary, these units often feature the option to optimize the battery for longer and more reliable performance.

Rearview camera

Rear view camera

Although they are, by far the most agile, bikers are also the most vulnerable traffic participants. That means taking double caution when performing any kind of maneuver. But, how can you get that all-important road awareness when you have a bulky helmet limiting your sight stuck on your head? Well, the solution is as obvious as it is intuitive. Just install a rearview camera on the back bumper, connect the device with a front-mounted screen and you won’t have the problems with visibility ever again.

Smart gloves

Motorbike gloves

When we talked about smart helmets, we mentioned that some models allow you to use your phone with voice controls. But, when you hit the road and achieve some steady speed, the wind you are going to experience doesn’t make this input option the most fortunate choice. What you should do instead is switch controls to your pair of smart Bluetooth-powered gloves. Although they are not as versatile as voice controls, they will allow you to answer calls, change music and perform other basic actions.

Solar charger

Portable solar charger

You don’t want to use a solar charger ever in your life. If it comes to this, your road trip has seriously gone off the rails. But, joking aside, if things truly, at some point, go south, it is in your best interest to have a gadget that will keep your phone alive even in the middle of the desert. Looking at things from a more positive side, by using this method of charging, you will do something good for the planet and considerably cut the break times.

Air-bag riding gear

Airbag riding gear

Motorcycles and airbags just inherently don’t play along. Too bad. As we already mentioned, since they so physically exposed, riders are very open to dangerous injuries. But, if you can’t prevent yourself from flying off the vehicle upon collision, you can at least protect yourself from the impact. Enter smart clothing – vests, bodysuits, and jackets capable of deploying airbags milliseconds upon collision. The safety measures like this can, in some cases, make the difference between life and death.

We hope these few smart gadgets and tools will make your next motorcycle road trip safer, faster, and simpler. Try bringing as much of them as possible. The fewer things you need to worry about, the more you will be able to put your focus where it’s needed the most – enjoying the journey to the fullest extent.

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