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Jarvish motorcycle helmets feature AR and voice assistants

Heads-up displays are super cool, not so sure about putting Alexa on my head though.

jarvish ar helmet
Image: Jarvish

One place that AR displays would be a welcome addition is in motorcycle helmets. Anything that a rider needs to look down at their dashboard for takes attention off the road, often with disastrous consequences.

We’ve seen the promise of AR helmets from companies like Skully, who ended up without a product due to gross mismanagement. That’s about to change, however, with the Taiwanese company, Jarvish, bringing two new smart helmets to the market.

More about the AR motorcycle helmet

The flagship Jarvish X-AR is a staggering $1,599 to start with, although it does come with a nifty retractable heads-up display that shows both speed and turn-by-turn directions. Jarvish partnered with HERE Technologies for this, so expect a good GPS experience, something that’s often missing from wearables if they use their own navigation.

jarvish in-helmet display

Image: Jarvish

The smart helmet also has Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant onboard, so while that might sound crowded, at least your voice assistant of choice will be available.

One other thing that the flagship has – a camera on the back of the helmet that acts as a rearview mirror. The feed from this is displayed on the helmets heads-up display, so you can really feel like Iron Man while you ride. This could be the killer feature for AR helmets, as fears of rear-ending by distracted drivers is a constant worry for riders.

Voice activation through smart assistants

The $799 Jarvish X also has voice activation, with the same trio of voice assistants. Riders can get turn-by-turn navigation read out to them, control music that’s playing on their smartphone, and get other information like weather reports.

Both helmets have a 2K forward-facing camera for capturing video and photos, so riders no longer need a GoPro or other dashcam to record their rides. That’s likely an important safety feature to a lot of riders, and if the image quality is good – it’s a compelling reason to own a Jarvish.

Both helmets are carbon fiber. The Jarvish X can run for about six hours before recharging is needed, while the X-AR gets about four hours of use.

Smart helmets are HERE, as Jarvish has the first generation of X helmets already on the market in Taiwan. That should cover any fears of them going the way of Skully, and makes them one of the first to make a smart motorcycle helmet a reality.

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