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Telegram will now let you livestream to an unlimited number of people

The update also includes a couple of quality of life updates for messages and channels.

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Telegram, the popular messaging app that just surpassed a billion downloads, just got another major update. The biggest focus of this new update was for live streaming on the platform. The 8.0 update uncaps the limit of viewers for live streams, letting users reach a virtually unlimited audience.

To help celebrate its eighth birthday, and to keep tradition with its monthly updates, Telegram released its 8.0 update this morning. Giving you “the power to run your own TV station,” you’ll no longer be restricted to a maximum of 1,000 viewers for your live streams.

The update also includes a couple of new features for messaging. You can now hide the original sender’s name and media captions when forwarding a message.

Telegram forwarding feature
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Telegram has also added a super convenient option that appears whenever you scroll to the bottom of a message thread. By continuing to scroll up, you can jump to the next unread channel, so you can quickly and easily keep up with all of the channels that you are subscribed to.

The update includes a few other things, like stickers for Telegram on Android, and more animated emoji. There’s also a new counter that shows up whenever you open a comment thread that shows you how many comments you have yet to read.

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Telegram’s increasing popularity has turned the one-trick pony messaging app into something that now resembles a full-blow social media platform. With uncapped viewership for live streaming, there’s a chance that Telegram’s popularity will surge a bit. It will be interesting to see how the platform evolves in the future.

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