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Facebook is moving Messenger’s calling feature back to the main app for some reason

Just make up your mind already, Facebook. This is exhausting.

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Facebook really doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do with its ever-growing list of features and apps. Now, that is bleeding over into Messenger as voice and video calls are coming back to the main app, according to Bloomberg.

Back in 2014, Facebook broke off Messenger from the main Facebook app in favor of its own, separate app. Back then, a lot of people weren’t happy with the change, but as time went on, many of us got used to it. Now, the company is adding features from Messenger back to the main app…for reasons.

Bloomberg states that, at present, Facebook is planning on bringing voice and video calls into the main app and will be testing that functionality in both the US and other locations.

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Connor Hayes, director of product management at Messenger, tells the outlet that the reasoning behind this is to limit how much users need to jump back and forth between different apps. Well, I mean, yeah, that’s why we all hated the change back then but glad you finally got to the bottom of it seven years later.

Users could also see Messenger’s core feature – messaging – see more functionality in the main Facebook app, as well, as tests continue.

So, what’s the real reason here? Is it to make things more convenient for users or is it because Facebook is currently back under the gun of the FTC over accusations of running a monopoly?

If you look at app statistics, it wasn’t until recently – when TikTok hit the milestone – that any non-Facebook app had over three billion downloads. Could this be a way for Facebook to wrangle in its dominating footprint a bit?

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