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Woof, Tesla cars will get a canine-friendly ‘dog mode’ this week

The 360-degree dashcam “Sentry Mode” should also be rolling out.

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While most of the media attention for Tesla recently has been on the new Summon+ mode, which will let your Tesla follow you like a browbeaten family pet, there’s also a more pet-friendly feature coming this week.

“Dog Mode” will keep the inside of your Tesla comfortable for your canine pal, keeping your pooch in the lap of luxury with the AC blasting and soft music to keep little Fluffy calm. You know what happens to her bowels when she’s agitated – you don’t want that on your nice comfortable Tesla seats.

The feature is yet another that was born on Twitter. Back in October, one Twitter user broached the idea to Elon, who responded positively and apparently the team got right on it because the new mode is coming this week.

“Dog Mode” will also leverage the dashboard screen, displaying the internal temperature with a message informing passers-by that the owner will be right back and that the dog is safe. That should stop anyone thinking they need to smash the car window to rescue the fluffer. This is likely an extension of the existing Cabin Overheat Protection feature, which stops the internal temperature of a Tesla’s cabin from going above a set temperature.

With the American Veterinary Medical Association saying hundreds of dogs die from heat exhaustion every year, it’s nice to see some proactive steps from a carmaker.

Tesla’s “Sentry Mode” will also be rolling out this week, which leverages all eight of a Tesla’s outward-facing cameras to act like a car alarm and 360-degree dashcam. Unlucky owners on the receiving end of hit-and-run drivers should hopefully get some footage to find the guilty party. Oh, and it’ll also blast classical music if the car detects forced entry.

Rock on Amadeus!

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