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Tesla will cut you off if you constantly mess with seat controls

Is this just so kids stop messing with the controls, or is there a bigger issue underneath?

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Image: Tesla

There’s nothing worse than letting someone borrow your car and when you get it back the seats are in totally the wrong place. Now, Tesla will cut you off if you fiddle with your seat controls for an excessive amount of time.

First revealed by hacker and researcher GreenTheOnly and reported on by Jalopnik, the feature (if you can call it that) only affects a new premium seat motor that comes from Tesla’s latest supplier, Brose.

Essentially, the new motor in the premium seats uses something GreenTheOnly refers to as “seat abuse metrics.” This means that if someone, say a child, is constantly adjusting the seat, a warning will pop up.

Then if the person continues to adjust the seat within a small timeframe, the car will automatically disable adjustments for five minutes. For what it’s worth, this isn’t for lumbar control and only front and back movement.

While Tesla hasn’t come out and said directly why this is a feature in its new premium seats, it is assumed that this is intended to stop the seat’s motor from burning out due to excessive use.

Is that because these motors have a history of burning out or is it simply an extra precaution? We’re not sure. We can’t really email Tesla since there is no longer a PR department, but we did tweet at Elon Musk. We’re not expecting a reply.

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