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Tesla’s Cybertruck hits the NYC streets to cause minor traffic infractions

Send the tickets to Elon, he’ll cover them.

tesla driving cybertruck
Image: Tesla

In the hours leading up to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s guest host spot on Saturday Night Live, Tesla drove the new Cybertruck around downtown NYC to turn some heads. It was presumably a way to drum up more viewers for the show, but it also made some people realize that it’s not road-legal in some municipalities.

With every headlight, low-light, and hi-beam blazing, the Cybertruck rolled in a convoy of one, past the Radio City Music Hall, through Times Square, where it outshone the billboards, but that’s not all it did. Yes, the Cybertruck is a rolling safety hazard, according to NYC traffic laws, and NY state laws.

See, the lack of side mirrors (they’re replaced by cameras), is a big no-no according to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. All vehicles in the state of New York are supposed to have side mirrors on both sides.

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Is this a case of design and tech outpacing legislation? Possibly, but Tesla is going to have to add to their design to be road legal. Then again, anyone who can afford a Cybertruck probably isn’t worried about paying a few traffic citations.

Oh, and those blinding lights on the roof line on the Cybertruck? Yeah, those aren’t legal in NY state either. Maybe Tesla fans in other states can drive their Cybertruck when they get them without incurring the wrath of bored traffic cops, but it’s a no from me.

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