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Elon Musk thinks crypto is cool and that Dogecoin could be the future, but don’t be stupid about it

To the moon, or whatever.

Elon musk dogecoin
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Cryptocurrencies have seen a huge boom in 2021, with Bitcoin and Ethereum prices soaring, but one of the most surprising revelations of 2021 has been the rise of the meme-coin-that-could, Dogecoin.

Currently sitting 60 cents, the cryptocurrency was only 1 cent in January. That tremendous rise has made some people lots of real money and part of this rise can be credited to Elon Musk, who has tweeted about the memecoin multiple times.

Now, in a video released by TMZ, someone asks Musk about Dogecoin and where he thinks cryptocurrencies are going.

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You can watch the video above, but basically, Musk makes a claim that Doge could be the future of money because it’s up to the “will of the people.”

He does note that Dogecoin’s unlimited amount of coins can take away from the value of it, and makes it clear that “people should not invest their life savings in cryptocurrency.” He goes on to say that there’s a good chance that “crypto is the future currency of Earth.”

Will our future economy be based on a meme? With the shitshow that is Earth, I can believe it.

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