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Tesla’s Model 3 made Consumer Reports’ ‘Top Picks’ list for 2020

Third time’s a charm…

tesla model 3 on road
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Tesla has cause for celebration this week, with its Model 3 sedan picked by Consumer Reports as one of the top 10 choices for car buyers in 2020. That’s in stark contrast to the last two years of the outlet not recommending the sedan for various issues, including reliability.

So, what’s changed since then? Well, Tesla’s Model 3 climbed eight positions in CR‘s automotive brand report card, coming in at number 11 this year. That’s down to rapid improvements in Tesla’s production lines as the carmaker scaled assembly up, and the green credentials of one of the best EVs around.

Oh, and the fact it handles like a sports car while still having a superior range vs other electric vehicles surely helped. Other things specifically pointed out included the excellent visibility that the “stark interior” affords and the 15-inch touchscreen that dominates the central area of the dash.

It wasn’t all roses though, as CR called out the Model 3’s Autopilot feature, saying it “does not require the driver to stay engaged, creating safety concerns.” For their part, Tesla always maintains that Autopilot is a driver-assist feature, and still requires the driver to be paying attention to the road, as any responsible driver should be.

Oh, and the only other EV on the list? The hybrid 2020 Prius. I know which one of the two I’d pick, and it doesn’t rhyme with Cleetus.

What do you think? Does the Consumer Reports’ recommendation make you more likely to drive one? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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