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Tesla’s new ‘Smart Summon’ feature seems to be a complete mess right now

How’s that robotaxi business looking, Elon?

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Tesla just started pushing its Software Version 10.0 update to its vehicles, which among other things, brought Smart Summon to the Tesla’s autopilot. Yes, that means that your car can valet itself from wherever you parked, to wherever you’re standing. Well… in theory. As multiple Tesla drivers found out over the weekend, things don’t always go to plan when a computer is involved.

Hey Tesla, I think you might want to revise the branding of this feature, cause it’s anything but smart (it’s smarter than some of these owners though).

Tesla’s Smart Summon mode is making them drive into walls (and other things)

See, over the weekend, happy Tesla drivers anxious to test out the Smart Summon feature started filming their first time using the feature. Hilarity, near-misses, and some not-so-near misses all ensue.

For many of the examples, it seems it comes down to driver error and staying in line-of-sight with the car, but maybe that means these cars should have more safeguards in place that prevent it from summoning when not meeting all the parameters.

Like this guy, whose Tesla Model 3 was rear-ended while backing out. Pretty clear the other driver was at fault, but will his insurance see it that way?

Or this guy, who sensibly tried the Smart Summon on his empty driveway. I say sensibly because his Tesla drove into the side of the garage…

Or this drone footage of Smart Summon being just about as clever as some of the human drivers in this carpark

Or the only car in the Costco carpark that was going a sensible speed:

And maybe, just maybe, don’t run in front of your self-driving Tesla…

Maybe Tesla needs to put an “I’m on autopilot” sticker on the outside of the car?

This guy totally ignored the “stay in line of sight of the car” warning

Just… maybe don’t try to summon your Tesla past traffic, yeah?

What do you think? Surprised by these videos showing Smart Summon on Tesla vehicles? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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