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Tesla just pushed out a huge software update that includes ‘Smart Summon’ and Netflix

‘Netflix and Ludicrous mode’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

tesla new features
Image: Tesla

The latest version of Tesla’s in-car operating system is rolling out to all Model S, Model X and Model 3 owners. Owners of Full Self-Driving spec’d cars are getting the update first, with a wider release in “about a week” according to CEO Elon Musk.

This is supposedly the biggest update to date, with a ton of new entertainment apps, such as Netflix, Spotify Premium and Hulu (with live TV).

Tesla just pushed out version 10 of its in-car operating system

Tesla Software Version 10.0 brings “Smart Summon” to the range, with anyone with Full Self-Driving or Enhanced Autopilot versions able to call their car from wherever it may be parked. It has to be in your line of sight though, so no summoning it James Bond-style from miles away. Oh, and now Sentry Mode video recordings will be saved in a separate folder on your USB drive to other camera content. Shame it still needs an external USB.

There’s a bunch of other new tricks in the update, like:

  • Tesla Theater lets you use your Netflix, YouTube or Hulu (with live TV) accounts on the Tesla’s display. It’ll only work when parked
  • Saying I’m feeling lucky or I’m feeling hungry will cue the navigation to take you on an adventure to either a point of interest or a restaurant within the range of your Tesla
  • Caraoke lets you turn your road trip into a karaoke bar, with song lyrics displayed on the Tesla’s display in sync with the music. Can’t imagine this is safe to use if you’re the only person in the car…
  • Tesla Arcade now has a special Tesla version of the hand-drawn hit Cuphead
  • A new Joe mode will lower notification and alert noises in case you have a sleeping passenger
  • The Tesla app can now open your garage door via HomeLink, defrost your vehicle’s cabin, or remotely control the windows in your Model 3 or Model X

This is all good and all, but I want Tesla to add a Ludacris mode, where switching it on gives your nav system Ludacris’ voice, in the guise of his Tej character from the Fast and Furious franchise. That’d be sweeeeeet.

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