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IKEA’s app digitally removes your furniture and replaces it with theirs

Planning how your new Ikea furniture will fit into your home just got much easier.

ikea scene scanner
Image: Ikea

IKEA just launched a new design tool meant to help you envision its furniture right in your living room. Ikea Kreativ’s Scene Scanner lets you scan a room with your phone and place furniture how you see fit.

You can “erase” your own first, and then start placing Ikea-branded products like you’re arranging a home in Animal Crossing.

First, you scan in your desired room with a variety of photos. Then, you create a panoramic view by weaving them all together. The app will then have you add more data by moving your phone around the room in a figure-eight.

Once complete, your room is ready to edit. Delete furniture as you see fit. Then choose from “thousands”, according to Ikea, of different types of furniture to see what works best.

ikea place app
Image: KnowTechie

Don’t want to use your own home? There are over 50 virtual showrooms you can visualize your new table or chest of drawers in.

And once you’ve decided whether to buy or not, you can buy right within the app. No need to head to the store. I mean, I hear they have good food there, but there isn’t one near me. I can imagine ordering what you need is easier.

If you’re someone who shops at Ikea a lot or enjoys this kind of tech, the Ikea Kreativ app should be fun to test out. If you actually need to buy furniture, this might be tech other brands decide they want to adopt in the future.

It’s a lot easier to visualize an item in your living room when you can move it around and manipulate it as if you’re in a video game, after all.

Interested in giving the Ikea Kreativ app a try? It’s only available for iOS users right now, but Ikea is planning an Android release later this summer.

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