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The $19 Apple Polishing Cloth is back in stock

This is not a drill.

apple 19 dollar polishing cloth
Image: KnowTechie

Look, we’re not telling you to hurry, but hurry. The $19, simple, gray Apple Polishing Cloth is back in stock at the Apple Store. Yes, Apple is so self-indulgent that it believes a simple polishing cloth deserves capital letters.

Yay. Yippee. Hurray. Much rejoicing and merriment. Now you can clean off those streaks of fingerprint grease from your Apple Products (see what we did there?), without running the risk of using unapproved, and therefore warranty-breaking, cleaning cloths.

Okay, maybe we took that slightly too far. Apple only stipulates to use a “soft, lint-free cloth” when wiping down Apple Products, like the new iPhone 13.

The only exception to this is Apple’s own nano-texture glass, only found on its Pro Display XDR or some iMac models. If you have one of those products, we know you can afford the $19 Apple Polishing Cloth to keep it smudge-free.

apple polishing cloth
Image: Apple

When it was first released, the $19 Apple Polishing Cloth sold out instantly. Really, it was the hottest Apple Product before Christmas, with up to a 12-week lead time. As we said at the time, you have alternatives if you don’t want to pay nearly twenty bucks for a cleaning cloth that’s been blessed by Apple.

That said, you’ve survived another year of the pandemic, and it’s a new year for resolutions and for business expenses. If your Apple Products are the ones you use at work, use that tax-deductible zone to grab a $19 Apple Polishing Cloth, or four, so that you can clean your Apple Products with another Apple Product.

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