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The best 5 third-party app stores for Android & iOS devices 

There are a bunch of third-party apps available to download. Here are some of the best ones below.

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A third-party app is a software application that was developed by a person rather than the actual trader. We all are very safe as we use the play store. It has good reasons. It includes many apps that are safe with good security, and it is installed in all android devices. This app is very easy to use. So, most of people know this app but we did not get lots of information.

These app stores are a prominent place to download apps yet several times they have a very rigid policy as a result of which not all the apps are obtainable in it. If a person considers for an app which is not obtainable in the app store of our smartphone, then we can go for third-party app stores for downloading and installing the app that we want.

There are several third-party apps available. Some of them are listed below.


It is a recently developed third party app store that has come into being for iOS devices. It is very easy to use for beginners as it is provided with a simple interface with navigation. It has a tremendous collection of apps and games which can be downloaded free of cost by the users. The user no need to jailbreak their iOS device in order to use it.

It is available by more modified and hacked versions. It is provided with many features which include an easy user interface, more than 2000 apps, free apps, and satisfied users. Millions of people used this app worldwide. One of the reasons for the fame of this AppValley includes a vast number of categories. Such as Flash apps, App store apps, Tweaked Apps and hacked games.

Tutu App 

The second third party app store is the tutu app. Many apps after installing do not work properly but the tutu app works perfectly. The installation process of this app in android devices involves the same as an Apple device and could be completed in less than 2 minutes. It is also easy to use. This Tutu app includes Home, games, apps, charts, and managers. The best feature in this Tutu app is the chart section which can be seen popular and upgraded apps making our search process convenient.

The manager section that requires less space and is having a bulk detector and more tutu caters to us at a higher level than other app installers. It can be used on both android devices and iOS devices. There are two versions available for the iOS smartphones that are regular version and the other one is the VIP version.

These apps can be downloaded and installed on your phone free of cost as a premium. This app can be downloaded at a very fast speed. It is provided with original apps along with the modified version. The users no need to jailbreak their devices.


Another third-party app store is Aptoide. It is a good third-party app store that can be put back to the official app store for both the android device and an iOS device. This includes the number of apps and even rarest apps that are not available very easily. It encourages both free and paid apps. It provides good offers to the users to get daily paid apps at free of cost.

A tremendous amount of deductions are also given to the paid apps and this shows that it is a good store for the people who think to download the premium apps at an affordable price in a legal manner. It can be also put back to the official apps store. It is one of the oldest third-party app stores available to us. It is provided with a bundle of modern apps such as Facebook, Nest, Yo window weather, Flesky, and many recent games. Generally, this app gives us a sure pack of an antivirus app if the people use this one.

APK Mirror 

This is another third-party app store. Practically, it is not an app store but rather an app repository. The people who want to find any information can find in this app includes some beta apps which are not available in the Google play store. Although, a person could still get updates from the Google play store if a recent version comes out, so it is a very good secondary source of apps and some of the games.

Surely, this is not a full store experience and they really recommended it when people want to try something peculiarly or discover an older APK of an existing app so they can roll back to the last version due to the bugs or preferences. Another one is APK pure which is a third-party app store with many upsides.

This app includes the number of most reputed apps like Tik Tok, What’s App, Facebook, messenger, UC browser, PUBG mobile, Brawl stars and many more. This app has a clean store feature with coherent UI and a decent search with an overall good selection. It includes many categories than that of Google play store. Even though, categories are a little bit low related to good apps for download. They can get basics without any problem including Gmail.

By using APK updater a person can update their existing apps without using other apps. They could get the latest updates as early as possible or very quickly. It is provided with the search for other apps, but it is not as good as other dedicated apps. It is the best thing to keep your android device up to date without the bother of having a full rush app store on your mobile.


It is another third-party app store. It is one of the older app stores on the list and around the most reliable. There are some fundamental or inbuilt apps like simple gallery, simple calendar along with some games app. It is open-source and all the apps on the platform are open source only. This is a cool little app store.     

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