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How to clear an app’s cache on Android devices

Clearing an apps cache can help speed up your device overall.

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As our smartphones continue to become more powerful computing machines, more and more apps continue to be developed every day. Smartphones have basically turned into tiny computers that we carry around in our pockets, and Android is one of the leaders in smartphone versatility.

Android devices allow for all kinds of third-party applications through the Google Play Store and various other mobile app stores. Android devices get access to all kinds of applications, such as streaming apps like Netflix and Spotify or less fun grownup apps like banking or health and wellness.

Whether you’re surfing social media apps or play popular mobile games like Genshin Impact, the apps you are using are most likely gathering cached data. The cache is small chunks of data that apps download to your device to help the app run smoother in the future.

While the cache is certainly helpful in running individual apps, it can lead to some performance issues if too much cached data is stacked up on your device over time. Fortunately, Android owners have a way to clear cache from individual apps.

How to clear the cache of individual apps on Android

The Android operating system lets users view information on each individual app through the settings menu. From there, you can clear the cache on individual apps to clear up any extra needed storage on your device. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Navigate to your Android device’s Settings menu

  2. Scroll down and select Apps how to clear cache on android

  3. Find the intended application

  4. Select Storage

  5. Press Clear cache at the bottom right android clear cahce

And there you go. That’s how you clear the cache for an app on an Android device.

The cache of an app builds up over time, so if you’ve had an app for a while, it may be worth clearing its cache to see if you get a performance boost on your device.

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