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The best mini casino games you can play in Red Dead Redemption

red dead redemption 2 blackjack
Image: Reddit

Gambling is no longer restricted to Las Vegas or even the mainstream in general. This fact has become very apparent in the world of video games of late as developers are going all-out on including classic, as well as original, mini casino games into their titles.

When the guys behind Grand Theft Auto created a Wild West sandbox, the outcome was impressive. In Red Dead Redemption, you take on the role of cowboy John Marston. You can track down outlaws, herd cattle, all the things you’d expect from this world. You can also gamble.

And let’s face it, we love to gamble. In fact, we never say “no” to an opportunity to bet, which explains why so many of us gamble online.

With that said, here are the best mini casino games featured in RDR 2.


red dead redemption 2 poker
Image: VG247

Classic poker, so for anyone versed in the game’s rules, you’ll have a great time. What you’re ultimately trying to achieve here is to have a hand that beats all other players at the table.

You can change your bet in the middle of the game, or fold and walk away if you feel that your chances of winning are too slim to bother with.

If you go to the main menu and link your Gamertag with the Rockstar Social Club, you’ll have unlocked the Gentleman’s Attire Outfit that enables you to join a high-stakes game at the Blackwater Hotel.


red dead redemption 2 blackjack
Image: Reddit

Blackjack, of course, is a far more straightforward game than poker. Your hand only needs to beat one person (the dealer). If the total value of your cards is closer to 21 than that of the dealer’s, you’ve won and doubled the amount of your bet.

Your hand can never exceed 21, however. No loopholes guarantee you a win, so you’ll just need to practice and get a feel for the game. It’s a relaxing one to play, so you’ll pick it up easy enough.


rdr horshoes
Image: Fandom

This game isn’t quite as easy as the more classic games. You’re required to throw a horseshoe at a pole in a sandpit. You control the velocity of your throw by utilizing the right stick, moving it forwards and backward.

The issue is that if it isn’t released early enough, it could be too high and therefore fail to land far enough. If you release too low, however, it will land further than your intended target. You’ll need to practice until you can use just the right amount of power.

Liars Dice

Image: Rockstar

Certainly, a trickier game to get your head around than poker, the objective is to guess the number of each dice face remaining on the table. Three “ones”? Four “threes”? etc. You can call another player’s bid a bluff and then challenge them to the bluff or raise their bid.

All players are then required to show their dice and the loser is forced to throw a dice away. The player with their dice left at the end of the game is named the winner.

You can use the right stick to make a different prediction on any of the six sides of the sauce. You use the left stick to guess how many faces of that number are on the table in that particular turn.

Five Finger Fillet

Image: YouTube

The aim of the game is to successfully stab between your fingers faster than your opponent. You must press the button as quickly as possible with just five attempts at success.

There are four guys to beat in each area. If you manage to defeat the last one, he’ll remain there. This is useful as it’s always the same button sequence for this guy.

What this means is that if you note it down and press it in sequence quickly enough (while betting the max $100), you’ll earn a lot of cash in no time at all.

No wonder Red Dead Redemption has been breaking records.

Arm Wrestling

The key success in this game is to keep an eye on the face of your opponent to gauge when they start to get tired. This is when you go all-out assault. The green bar displayed in the bottom-left corner shows how strong your push is.

To push down his arm, you’ll need to press A/X quickly and then hold that very same combination to build your strength back up.

When your strength is at your maximum and your opponents’ strength is low, you can take advantage of a special ‘slam’ move by pressing Y/triangle.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down in the comments. 

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