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The best new iOS and Android apps to download in March 2021

Did you know there was a new National Park Service app? Neither did we.

new phone apps march 2021
Image: Niagara Launcher

With so many apps being added to things like the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store each month, it’s hard to keep track of what will actually help you be more productive. Don’t worry, as the KnowTechie team has been hard at work curating the latest apps to find the gems we think you should install.

That could be anything from a handy to-do list and apps that unlock more of your camera’s potential, to apps to help make sense of all the news in your feeds. Without further ado, here’s the cream of the crop for March.

Here are all the apps you should check out in March

Whether you’re an Apple fan or prefer open-source Android, we’ve got you covered for what to download to stay productive in March.


We can all do with a little bit more fitness in our lives, and Chris Hemsworth and his team of experts are here to whip us into shape. More than just workouts, Centr blends meal plans, meditations, and community involvement into a fitness program that doesn’t need additional equipment for most of the workouts. After all, if it’s good enough for Thor, it’s good enough for us.

iOS | Google Play

dish dragon ai website
Image: dish dragon

Stuck on what to cook? Got random ingredients in your fridge that you bought and can’t figure out what to make with them? Use the power of AI to decide what the f**k is for dinner, with dish dragon. Just put in any ingredient and you’ll get a list of suggested recipes and a shortlist of stand-out pairings.


2UP Dating and Social

2up dating and social app
Image: KnowTechie

What do you get if you mix a dating app with a “Looking For Group” app for gamers? Well, something like 2up, which aims to connect people, whether that’s for new teammates, new romances, or new friends might be the ticket. Filter potential matches based on the games you play, and complete in-app quests based on engagement goals, which convert into raffle entries for things like gaming headsets or new consoles.

iOS | Google Play


deepstash app icon
Image: KnowTechie

Tired of clickbait articles on just about every social media feed? Deepstash might be the answer, with curated lists of good ideas, and good ideas only. Think of it as a feed for self-improvement, without the negativity that you’re bombarded by everywhere else. Oh, and every curated article has a TL:DR section so you can get the important bits if you’re time-strapped. Nice.

iOS | Google Play

National Park Service

Image: KnowTechie

Did you know the National Park Service has a new app? Me neither, as it was quietly released this year. Literally anything you’d want to know about the 423 national parks is inside, from lodging to accessibility, to maps and tours. All the information was created by NPS staff, so you’ll have everything you need to plan out your trip – once it’s safe to do so, of course.

iOS | Google Play

Niagara Launcher

niagara launcher app on google play
Image: Niagara Launcher

Tired of Android themes that clutter your home screen with endless streams of icons? Niagara Launcher might be the launcher for you, with its minimalist stylings that keep all of your important apps in reach. Notifications also come embedded in the home screen, so no more reaching for the notification drawer. Paying for the Pro version gets you new widgets, but both versions are ad-free.

Google Play

Word Clock Watch Face

Image: Google Play

Got a Wear OS watch and are tired of the usual cluttered watch faces? Want your watch to tell you the time in actual words, like the wooden word watch we reviewed a few years ago? Go download Word Clock Watch Face and your wish will be granted. Even better than my watch, you can customize the colors of your watch face.

Google Play


Have a bunch of old, black, and white photos of the family? Wish they were in color? Scan them into Colorize, and AI will recolor them for you, so you can see how your relatives looked before color film was invented. Just know it has in-app purchases for anything over limited use.

iOS | Google Play

There you have it! Some of the new Android and iOS apps to check out in March 2021!

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