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The goose from Untitled Goose Game is here to destroy your computer’s desktop

The goose is loose.

Untitled goose game desktop app

Hey, if you’re bored today and feel like creating a bit of mayhem on your computer’s desktop, boy have we got the program for you. See, someone called Samperson went and made an homage to Untitled Goose Game that lets the goose loose.

Literally, the goose runs amok on your desktop or inside the game you’re playing, and he’s kind of an asshole…

Download this program to let the goose loose and have a honking great time

Once the goose program is running, he’s able to run around and cause mayhem. Your mouse cursor is his favorite chew toy and he’ll chase it to all the corners of your desktop, and even steal it away. That’s just the start too, pretty quickly he’ll be dragging all kinds of shitposts onto your desktop, making it more cluttered than your actual, physical desktop. What an asshole.

  • Download from
  • Ignore the Windows warning, all games get this. We scanned the expanded folder with Windows Defender afterwards to be safe
  • Double-click on the GooseDesktop.exe file to run
  • When you finally get tired of his antics, hold ESC to banish him. Just make sure you keep holding until the red progress bar fills up or he’ll hang around


What do you think? Plan on downloading this Untitled Goose Game program? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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