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The latest Samsung Galaxy phone has been leaked because of course it has

Yes, it’s the Galaxy S20.

samsung galaxy s10 in hand
Image: Andrew Martonik / Twitter

We all know by now that the latest and greatest of Samsung handsets are coming our way in a few weeks, so how about some leaked pictures of the design to gander at? These come courtesy of an anonymous source and sent to XDA Developers, who also gave some expert analysis of what we’re seeing.

Oh, and yes, the “20” is not a typo, apparently Samsung is copying Apple’s habit of skipping numbers because the should-have-been Galaxy S11 is now the Galaxy S20.

Here are some Galaxy S20 leaks for you (yes, we said 20, not 11)

Image: XDA Developers

It’s typical for the period of time before any major smartphone release to be peppered with leaks, as it becomes ever more difficult to keep a lid on things.

If the images sent to XDA are true, that means that Samsung is making some fairly big changes on the flagship Galaxy range that extend past the skipped numbering. For a start, the front glass is much flatter than the previous curves of the Galaxy range. Did Samsung finally listen to customer feedback and made the Galaxy S range easier to hold?

More about the Samsung leaks:

  • The Infinity-O front glass is less curved than previous Galaxy models
  • The camera bump has four cameras, a flash, and what could be a microphone hole (or maybe a time-to-flight sensor)
  • A volume rocker and power button are the only side buttons, bye-bye Bixby button
  • The S20 range will also have a rumored “Ultra” model, which will have more advanced cameras than the other two models
  • All models will have 5G variants, but XDA thinks that the 4G LTE version will be sold outside the US

With the wait until Samsung’s Unpacked event on February 11 a short one, we don’t have long before we can see just how accurate these leaks and rumors are.

What do you think? Interested in the next round of Samsung smartphones? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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