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The latest Xbox update makes streaming to Twitch much easier

The update also brings xCloud to consoles for the first time.

xbox series x console
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For those streamers that like to livestream gameplay from their Xbox consoles, the process is about to get a whole lot easier. The most recent update to the Xbox Insider Alpha Skip-Ahead ring added a new, easier way to stream your gameplay to Twitch, as well as an updated xCloud feature that we’ve been expecting.

In the latest Xbox Insider release notes, Microsoft revealed its new streaming option for its consoles. The streaming process that’s available on Xbox consoles now is a little complicated. It requires you to navigate through the Twitch app on your console in order to start or stop streaming.

With the new Xbox Insider feature, you can broadcast your gameplay with a few simple button presses, all from your console’s menus. All you need to do is link your Twitch account to your console in the console’s settings.

Then, simply hit the “Go live now” button in the Capture and Share tab on your console and you’ll be streaming your gameplay automatically. This will only stream your gameplay, so viewers won’t see when you’re navigating through your console’s menus.

This update also brings a highly anticipated feature to the Xbox Insider Alpha Skip-Ahead ring. Microsoft has finally begun testing its xCloud service on consoles.

This update, combined with Microsoft’s recent endeavor to upgrade xCloud to Xbox Series X|S hardware, means that you’ll be able to try out some Xbox Series X|S games on your older Xbox One console.

These features launched yesterday for all Xbox Insiders Alpha Skip-Ahead ring members. This is typical of Microsoft, and the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring will help to work through potential bugs and breaks in these new features. The company is usually pretty quick with this, though, and we should see these features coming to everyone else soon.

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