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AT&T customers can play Batman: Arkham Knight through Stadia for free – here’s how

Could this signal a change in direction for Stadia?

batham arkham knights
Image: KnowTechie

An interesting cooperative opportunity has just burst onto the gaming scene. The unlikely pairing between AT&T and Google Stadia will see the former company’s customers get the opportunity to play Batman: Arkham Knight for free.

According to a new report from 9to5Google, Google has struck a deal with AT&T to provide a white-labeled version of its software to the company. White-labeled in this context means that Google is allowing AT&T to utilize Stadia’s software, though it won’t be using the same name.

AT&T has opened up the opportunity for its Wireless customers to play Batman: Arkham Knight through a web browser for free. AT&T customers can stream the game at 1080p from either the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge desktop browsers. Then, it’s as simple as playing with your mouse and keyboard or hooking up a Bluetooth controller.

at&t batman game streaming through stadia
Screenshot: AT&T

To get registered for this promotion, just head over to AT&T’s website and enter your credentials. You’ll have to enter a few things, like your AT&T phone number and billing zip code, before you get the chance to play. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be greeted with a “Play Now for Free” button, and you can go ahead and load the game up.

According to the article mentioned above, clicking that “Play Now” button opens up a full-screen streamed version of the game that looks very similar to what you get from Stadia on Chrome or Edge. There’s nothing on the site that explicitly ties this service to Google Stadia, but both companies have confirmed to IGN that AT&T is utilizing Stadia technology for the service.

This is a very interesting development from Google Stadia. The platform has seen its fair share of problems since its launch, failing to really grip the gaming world and abandoning first-party studios. This new partnership with AT&T could be the beginning of a shift where Stadia’s technology becomes more of a backbone for other streaming services.

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