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The new Atari VCS console is finally available for purchase

The console retails for $299.

atari vcs
Image: Atari

Atari has finally delivered its latest console. The Atari VCS, which is essentially a PC with a retro-gaming system inside of it, has released and is now available for purchase at a few retail stores. In addition to being available on the Atari website, you can get the console at Best Buy and Micro Center.

The long-awaited console has seen a turbulent development process. The project was originally announced in 2017 as the “Ataribox,” and has since seen some difficulties. The company then started an IndieGoGo pre-order for consoles to be shipped in mid-2019. But that never happened.

The Atari VCS then saw even more delays, and people even began leaving the project. After missing another deadline, this time in March of 2020, Atari went back to the drawing board and worked hard on development for another year. Finally, the console shipped to early backers and has made its way to the public.

Unfortunately, people aren’t overly excited about the console. The base version of the console is $299.99, and much less powerful than the Xbox Series S at a comparable price.

The VCS is powered by an AMD Ryzen R1606G chip paired with 8 gigs of ram and 32 gigs of storage. Both the storage and ram are upgradeable, however, so you can boost performance a bit.

While you get access to 100 retro Atari games with the VCS, those games are pretty lackluster when compared to today’s games. The one real redeeming quality of the VCS is the ability to turn the console into a full-on computer. You can install an operating system and turn the console into an all-in-one media device.

Still, the overall function of the Atari VCS doesn’t seem worth $299.99, or $399.99 for the Walnut version that comes with a wireless controller and joystick.

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