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PlayStation exclusive Uncharted 4 is making its way to PC

The company also reports that the PS5 will become profitable next month.

Uncharted 4 playstation
Image: Naughty Dog

Sony is finally beginning to bring its major IPs to other platforms. In a report to investors, the company revealed that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will soon be coming to PC. The series has long been a PlayStation exclusive, and this will mark the franchise’s first venture to other platforms.

The report also included some information on the company’s sales of the PlayStation 5 so far. In earlier earnings reports, Sony had previously confirmed that it had been selling the PS5 at a loss. This was a strategic decision to try and get the product in more customers’ hands.

Despite this, the company’s recent reports claim that the PS5 will break even in June and become ultimately profitable afterwards. There is no explanation of how Sony plans to achieve that goal, so we’ll have to wait for new earnings reports. Still, this is a big accomplishment, especially considering the trouble that Sony has had keeping PS5 consoles on store shelves.

Another title previously exclusive to PlayStation, Days Gone, was recently released on Steam to a very positive reception. That addition, plus the addition of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, mark the beginning of Sony’s attempt to diversify its gaming portfolio.

There was no timetable of when to expect the game’s PC release, but Days Gone released shortly after the documents were published, so it could be very soon.

For a long time, Sony has been of the mindset that exclusives are what’s best for its customers. Now, it seems that the company is finally on board with distributing its unique franchises to other consoles, letting these great games and stories reach even more people. As a PC gamer, I’m here for it.

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