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The ultimate guide to understanding Streamlabs widgets

Streamlabs widgets are a great way to increase engagement in your stream.

streamlabs widgets
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If you are a new streamer or perhaps have been streaming for some time, you may have heard of Streamlabs widgets. However, you may not have a full understanding of their purpose and how best to use them.

This article is for those of you who would like to utilize these awesome widgets, taking your stream quality and engagement to the next level.

What Are Streamlabs Widgets ?

Widgets are built-in features of Streamlabs, primarily used to show different bits of information during your livestream. Each widget is separate and allows customization for each specific event that occurs. The most popular Streamlabs widgets are alert box, chatbox, event list, and goals.

One feature of these widgets that makes them such powerful tools is their ability to be fully customized using custom code. Although using code is quite an advanced feature not everybody can utilize, you can find premade Streamlabs widgets on the web.

Benefits Of Using Widgets

To understand the benefits of widgets it’s best to go through each one and describe their function and benefits. One common benefit you will see across all widgets is their ability to encourage engagement from viewers.

Alert Box

The alert box is by far the most popular Streamlabs widget and is one of the first things that a streamer enables on their streamer. Essentially alerts are notifications that show up on stream to notify both the streamer and viewer that an event has occurred. Some examples of events are viewers subscribing to the channel, donating or even other streamers raiding the channel.

These notifications are usually a combination of sounds, text, and a graphic on-screen. The text has the name of the person who triggered the event. Showing a viewer’s name on the screen is a great way to encourage other viewers to get involved. This could be to get a thank you from their favorite streamer or even get their name on screen.

Event List

The event list is pretty similar to the alert box in that they show off events that happened during the stream. The main difference however is that the event list also shows historical events. Usually, the last 5 events will be shown on the screen with an event list.

The event list is also a much more compact and less flashy way of showing off events. Depending on your stream style and the game you are playing, having a compact way of showing events can be much more effective.

Chat Box

Essentially the chat box is a way of showing the streamer’s chat on stream. The major benefit of using a chatbox widget is that viewers can full-screen a stream and still be able to view the chat. This creates a much more immersive experience for viewers without them missing out on chat’s reactions.

This is also a great way to include the chat’s reactions in recorded videos. Streamers often create YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok content by taking clips from previous streams. If they use a chatbox widget their chat’s reaction will also be part of the clips

Goal Widgets

Goal widgets are ways of setting milestones and showing progress off to viewers. There are many different types of goals depending on which metric you are measuring. Commonly shown as some form of a progress bar. This shows how close a streamer is to hitting their goal.

If you use a follower goal, each time someone follows it fills the bar up until the target followers have been reached.

How To Setup Streamlabs Widgets

If these widgets sound like something you would like to start utilizing then the first thing you are going to need is a Streamlabs account. Creating a Streamlabs account is free as well as quick and easy. In addition to having an account you will use some streaming software such as OBS or Streamlabs OBS. It’s much easier to use Streamlabs OBS and there is a lot less setup involved.

There is already an in-depth guide to help you get set up in either program of your choosing.


Streamlabs widgets are a great way to increase engagement in your stream. They have a lot of customization available, allowing them to be tailored to your own style. Although these widgets are some of the more difficult tools to set up, the benefits of using them make it worthwhile.

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