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There’s a guy leaving old TVs on porches in Virginia – while wearing an old TV

Finally, a good reason to use a Ring doorbell.

tv head
Image: Ring

Okay, so there’s a trend for DJs to wear insane headgear, but delivery people? That’s what happened to residents in sleepy Henrico County, Virginia when over 50 homes woke up to find someone had dropped off an old CRT TV to their doorsteps. Unlike last year’s similar prank in nearby Glen Allen, this time the CRT Santa was captured on several Ring video doorbells.

The kicker? The CRT Santa was actually wearing a TV on his head, probably in violation of a dozen health & safety laws.

The CRT Santa dropped off over 50 TVs in a Virginia neighborhood

What appears to be a man wearing an empty CRT type TV on his head dropped off over 50 TVs this weekend. At least, it looked like one man. It could be several, especially if the Ring footage shows similar timestamps. It’s probably some bored college kids, wanting one last prank before term starts again and they have to be serious for a while.

  • All of the TVs dropped off were smaller, older CRT types, like the ones many of you would have grown up with in the 80s
  • The local police are tuned into the situation, where they feel it’s just a harmless prank
  • The only possible crime? Illegal dumping

I’ve gotta applaud the execution of this prank. I mean, it’s no small feat to round up that many TVs, drive them around, and deliver them in this heat wearing a boiler suit and a TV for a helmet.

What do you think? Harmless prank or should the person be charged with… something? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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