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There’s a new Nintendo Switch game coming out that teaches you how to build games

The game will be available on June 11 for $30.

Game builder garage nintendo switch
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo is constantly breaking the mold in video gaming, and its new upcoming title follows along those lines. The company’s latest title for the Nintendo Switch, Game Builder Garage, will allow users to create their own video games using various programming tools.

Game Builder Garage will be available on June 11. It will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and will cost $30. It will contain a bunch of tools to help users create their masterpieces.

With Game Builder Garage, Nintendo wants you to know that anyone can become a programmer. Step-by-step instructions will walk players through the programming process, using a bunch of pre-programmed tools that make learning the programming process a bit more simple.

This game will give complete control to the players. You do everything from designing levels to designing the mechanics of a game. The game also allows users to switch from programming a game to playing it with just the push of a button. This makes testing out your project super simple, as you are able to test each individual area of the game with ease.

Once you’ve designed your masterpiece in Game Builder Garage, you can then share your project with other Nintendo Switch users. You’ll be able to play other people’s creations, and even look at the code to see how it was made.

This is a super cool idea. Coding is becoming more and more important, and this could be a great way to get people interested without throwing them in the deep end. I can’t wait to see what kind of masterpieces are created with this new game from Nintendo.

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