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Thinking of abandoning Windows Live Mail for Outlook?

If you’re looking to make the switch, there’s a couple of things you should do first.

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Given the obsolete nature of WML, this idea is only rational. The client is simply inferior to the rival, as it lacks options and updates. If you have finally gotten tired of the limitations, there is one reliable way to manage the relocation. 

For your data to remain intact, try an automated solution. Click here for Windows Live Mail to Outlook converter, which completes the task in no time. Otherwise, you will have to struggle with format clash since the two Microsoft products use conflicting file extensions. As a result, some bits of data may be lost or damaged along the way. 

Manual Tinkering

If you have plenty of time on your hands, it may be possible to cope with by yourself. If the potential loss of information does not scare you, go ahead and follow the steps below.  Be prepared for some additional problem-solving. 

Generally, the procedure is tricky. Amateurs are likely to find it frustrating. Be sure to back up all your valuable data before attempting the migration. Be extra careful when going through the outlined stages:

  1. Run both mail clients on the same device. 
  2. In WLM: “File” — “Export Option”. 
  3. In the list titled “Open”, find and select “Email messages”. 
  4. “Microsoft Exchange” — “Next”.
  5. You should now see the notification “All Email Will Be Exported to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange”.
  6. “OK” to confirm.
  7. Choose where to store the transferred data.
  8. “OK” to confirm.
  9. In the Export process confirmation window, click “Finish”. 

Aside from the hidden risks, the trick will also only work on some versions of the Outlook client. Another caveat is that both clients must be running on the same computer. All in all, it should now be obvious why professional tools offer a far superior way of conducting the transfer.  

Advantages of Professional Tools 

Consider these benefits brought by the above-mentioned WLM to Outlook converter:

  • The convenience of the automated system

The program has a clear interface that is understandable even to beginners. There is no need for specialist knowledge. The converter will locate and move the required files by itself. You are a few clicks away from seeing the messages and attachments land in Outlook.

  • Hassle-free import 

The EML files obtained from WLM will be imported directly. They may go to a separate PST file or your profile in Outlook depending on your choice.

  • Efficiency of transformation 

Conversion of email encoding is done automatically during the export procedure. You need not worry about accuracy, as the process is error-free. 

  • Any size

There are no limits in terms of the size of transferred mail files.

  • Any version

The tool works with any versions of Outlook.

If you are thinking of moving your e-correspondence, the inbox probably contains valuable data that you would not like to lose. Therefore, a tool developed especially for streamlined transfer is worth every cent. 

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