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This Bluetooth controller gives you Jedi powers and I must have it

Become a Bluetooth Jedi with the Tap Strap 2.

tap strap 2 motion controller on hand
Image: Tap

Ever watched Star Wars and wished you could control things by waving your hand in a vague fashion? Well, now you can, with the $200 Tap Strap 2 AirMouse.

This Bluetooth accessory goes over your fingers like a glove, enabling natural-feeling gesture control of… well… anything with Bluetooth.

The Tap Strap 2 adds gesture control to your devices

The Tap Strap 2 works with pretty much anything with Bluetooth, but the real standout for me is how well it can integrate with the iPad. I mean, let’s face it. Typing or scrolling on a tablet is horrible.

Add to that the fact that our touchscreens are some of the dirtiest things in our homes, and there’s a compelling case for the AirMouse. Oh, and that’s without mentioning how the AirMouse can make touchscreen devices accessible for those who have reduced motion, or other disabilities.

The AirMouse has three user-selected modes of operation, right out of the box:

  • Mouse mode: This gives normal mouse control, like scroll, cursor movement, and clicking
  • Multimedia mode: Pretend you’re a conductor with gesture control of your music playing
  • Smart TV mode: Navigate menus, search for content and select items with natural-feeling gestures

I can’t wait to have the future promised by movies like Johnny Mnemonic or Minority Report on my fingertips. You can get the Tap Strap 2 AirMouse from or soon on Amazon for $199.

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