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The foam case transforms your smartphone into a video-recording missile

I’m still not putting my iPhone inside it…

aer throw your smartphone device
Image: KnowTechie

With how much glass is on modern smartphones, you’d think the last thing anyone would willingly do is throw their expensive device into the air, even if it’s wrapped in protective materials.

How about strapping your phone into a large foam dart so you can get sweet aerial footage? That’s what the team behind AER TYP is betting you’ll want to do, and they’ve launched a new crowdfunding campaign to bring it to market.

The team behind TYP (Throw Your Phone) says that even your most delicate smartphone will survive the airtime if you’re brave enough to take their word for it. Their promotional video shows lots of heavy crashes, and the phones seem to work afterward.

Check out the additional video with the team describing more of the testing process, including raw sensor data from the smartphone inside, showing the low forces during the ‘landing’ phase.

If you still like the idea of using your iPhone as a nerf missile, head on over to Kickstarter. You can get the AER TYP for $69, down from the eventual retail price of $100-ish. All the usual warnings about crowdfunding apply here, as no campaign is a guaranteed reward.

That said, AER has successfully fulfilled a large crowdfunding round before, with its earlier similar device, so the chances are good for you to get your backed product. Just… don’t expect it to be on time, crowdfunding is often beset by delays, and that goes double for the strain on the worldwide supply chain due to the pandemic.

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