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Logitech’s new keyboard sure looks a lot like Apple’s Magic keyboard

This thing sports five months of battery life when not using the under-key glow.

logitech mx keys mini keyboard
Image: KnowTechie

If you hate typing on your laptop’s keyboard but don’t want to lug around a heavy additional keyboard, we empathize. So does Logitech, with the release of the smallest in the MX Keys range, the $100 MX Keys Mini.

See, the original MX Keys has become a fast favorite of everyone who wants a capable keyboard without gaming glow, or the loud clack of mechanical keyboards. The thing is, it was long, due to having a numpad. The MX Keys Mini drops that numpad, making it almost a third shorter. That’s perfect for throwing in your bag so you always have a familiar keyboard to type on.

You get Logitech’s customized keys that have hollowed-out tops to increase typing accuracy, a dedicated emoji key, and a microphone mute key that’ll come in clutch during your meetings.

It’s also got a ridiculous five months of battery life if you leave the under-key glow off, or it’ll last ten days if you need the backlighting. That’s fine though, as it’s rechargeable via USB-C. That glow also adjusts its strength based on ambient light levels, and won’t glow at all until it detects your fingers near the keys.

You can connect to your devices via Bluetooth, or via the wireless dongle that it comes with, so it’s usable with all manner of devices from Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, ChromeOS, and even Linux. You can also pair it with three Bluetooth devices at once, and flick between them at a button press.

You can preorder the MX Keys Mini now, and Logitech says they’ll ship later in October.

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