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Logitech’s new inclusive gaming accessories are nice but expensive

Finally, gaming accessories that aren’t black.

logitech aurura keyboard
Image: KnowTechie

Logitech has a new, colorful range of PC gaming accessories called Aurora. It was designed to be more gender-inclusive, with soft tones, comfort, and smaller designs for smaller hands.

It’s also more expensive than Logitech’s usual gaming gear, especially if you want to customize the look.

In the image below, you can see most of the new devices. There’s the $229 G735 wireless gaming headset, which costs another $20 if you want the pink earcups and boom mic. You’ll probably want the heart-shaped carrying case too, which is another $40.

Then it’s another $10 if you want the USB cable with cloud charm, and you’ll want that because it matches the cloud wrist rest that comes with the keyboards.

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logitech aurora pc accessories on a desk
Image: Logitech

Speaking of keyboards, the new range has the $200 G715, which is wireless, and the $170 G713, which is not. Both have a choice of clicky, linear, or tactile mechanical switches, and are in the TKL form factor.

They come with the aforementioned cloud-shaped wrist rest, but if you want keycaps or a faceplate that isn’t white, you better pony up.

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The faceplate can be bought in pink or green for another $20, and the keycaps are $40 a set for the same color options.

The last hardware item is the $100 G705 gaming mouse, which was made for smaller hands. You get Lightspeed wireless connectivity, RGB, and a muted white to match the rest of the range.

Don’t forget to add Logitech’s Aurora mouse pad for $30 to complete the look. And if you want a USB mic, the Blue Yeti now comes in the cloud and pink colors, for $130.

Logitech’s Aurora range is available now. If you don’t like the normal gamer aesthetic of brushed metal, black, and RGB, it’s worth checking out. It is a few bucks more expensive than comparable devices.

We can’t decide if that’s because of the “pink tax” or simply because everything is more expensive these days.

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