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This little robot will follow you around and carry your stuff for you

Your wallet will also be substantially lighter if you buy one of these.

Gitamini robot
Image: Piaggio

Did you know that Italian automotive firm Piaggio has a robotics subsidiary that’s focused on mobility? Well, now you do, and its second cargo-carrying robot, Gitamini, was just announced.

For $1,850, you can have your own robot to hold all your stuff and follow you around. It weighs 28 pounds but can carry 20 pounds of your stuff for 20 miles, assuming it will fit in the small interior.

The follow feature is powered by an array of cameras and sensors, including a new radar module that wasn’t present on the original, larger Gita. That lets it follow you around, and also navigate around obstacles in the environment.

All of that clever stuff is a one-button operation for the user, just stand in front of Gitamini and press a pairing button. It locks onto you with computer vision, then will follow you at up to 6mph. That’s not quite enough to follow you on your morning jog, but will be more than enough for walks.

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The trunk can be locked to protect your valuables, but it doesn’t feature any active anti-theft features, other than the fact it’s bright yellow and heavy. Their CEO told The Verge that “We have yet to learn of a Gita being stolen or broken into while being used or when parked,” which doesn’t mean it won’t happen but it’s nice to know.

If you really want one, and live somewhere that staircases aren’t a consideration, you can order Gitamini from October 15 at

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