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This madlad uses a piano to beat the first level of GoldenEye

Now do it blindfolded.

Goldeneye being played on piano
Image: YouTube

Gamers are an interesting breed. While many of us are content with simply beating a game, a smaller number of us like to make the challenge even more difficult.

Such is the case with musician and YouTuber Jackson Parodi who decided that the best way to beat the first level of the classic N64 game GoldenEye was to use a freaking piano. Uh, yea.

Watch Jackson Parodi beat level 1 of GoldenEye with a piano

As you can see from the video, using different keys on the keyboard, Parodi is able to quickly run through the level. Hopefully, we’ll see more level completions in the future. The best part of the video honestly was how Parodi seamlessly blended some iconic 007 music into the experience.

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