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This Nintendo Switch controller is down to just $13

Sure, it’s a knockoff, but at just $13, there’s really not much to gamble away here.

image of a nintendo switch pro controller knockoff on a purple background
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When’s the last time you looked up the price of a Switch Pro controller? Don’t worry, we’ll spare you the time from searching. Nintendo sells its controller for $69.99. Yea, they’re not cheap and the price hasn’t changed since the console was originally released back in 2017.

If $70 is a bit too rich for your liking, do yourself a favor and get the next best thing. Take this Nenotoh controller for example. Right now, it’s down to just $13.19 with promo code 3081DQMW, along with clipping the 10% onsite coupon. This controller usually sells for $22.

This controller can do everything the Nintendo Switch Pro controller offers, along with some extras. For instance, the device features a turbo function that essentially allows you to shoot faster in first-person shooters. For the full list of features, be sure to check out the product page here.

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have the money to afford Nintendo’s option, this controller is an excellent alternative. And if it ever goes on the fritz, worst-case scenario, you’re only out $13. That’s a pretty safe gamble. Click the button below for more info.

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