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TikTok will start telling users why it recommends videos

The new feature is rolling out now for all users.

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Image: KnowTechie

TikTok is launching a feature that lets users know why it recommends certain videos on the For You page.

The company announced this new feature on its website this week. The goal is to notify users of TikTok’s logic behind video recommendations.

When you’re scrolling through your For You page, the feature will be housed in the Share panel. Tap on the share button, tap ‘Why this video,’ and you’ll see why TikTok recommended the video.

tiktok why this video example
Image: TikTok

TikTok recommends videos based on a variety of aspects. Maybe a particular video is popular with users in your region. Maybe it’s from an account that you follow.

You might see that a recommended video is similar to other videos you’ve liked or shared.

Regardless of the reasoning, you’ll get an explanation in the ‘Why this video section.’

“This feature is one of many ways we’re working to bring meaningful transparency to the people who use our platform, and builds on a number of steps we’ve taken towards that goal,” the company said in its blog post.

TikTok’s new ‘Why this video’ feature is launching today on all devices. If you don’t see the option yet, don’t worry.

Features like this tend to roll out gradually, and this one should be available to everyone in the coming days.

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