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Tim Cook gave Donald Trump the “first” Mac Pro built in the US

Let’s just hope he knows how to use it.

apple Mac pro on purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Tim Cook, the guy Donald Trump once called “Tim Apple,” recently gifted the former President the “first” Mac Pro built in the US. The New York Times first discovered this thanks to Trump’s final financial disclosure report.

In the document, the Mac Pro is described as being “the first created at the Flex Factory in Austin, Texas.” But that isn’t true. As Mashable notes, Apple has been making Mac Pro computers in Austin since 2013. However, this could be the company’s first 2019-gen Mac Pro manufactured in the Texas factory.

Nothing else is much known about the Mac Pro. Like, did it come with a monitor? Did Tim Apple include the $700 wheels kit with it? At the very least, did it come with Apple Care? Who knows, and honestly, who cares.

More importantly, will Trump even use the Mac Pro? I mean, does he even know how to use it? Seeing that he’s been essentially kicked off every major social platform on the planet and the fact that he’s no longer President of the United States, I guess he’ll have the time to figure it out.

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